Arshad Electronics Pvt. Ltd.- Fluxomatic Corona Discharge Treaters WS Series

FTS – WS Series

The System is designed for Woven Fabric for lamination, coating and printing machines. It consists of the generator, oil cooled high voltage transformer, pneumatic operated electrode assembly and ozone extraction system.

Main Features

  • Easy to maintain fin type electrodes for fixed treatment and micro gap adjustment.
  • Aluminum rollers are dynamically balanced, covered with pure dialectric ozone resistance sleeve for long life.
  • Guide rollers for entry and exit of film.
  • A pre lump sensor arrangement is also incorporated to avoid breakage of electrodes.


  • Width: 500mm - 5100mm
  • Line speeds: 300 mtrs/min for lamination application
  • PLC based safety interlock system.

Safety Features

  • Zero speed cut off
  • Active spark protection
  • Over temperature cut off
  • Single phase preventer
  • Speed to power
  • Assembly door open cut off with audio / visual alarm