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Welcome to Arshad Electronics

Arshad Electronics Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1971 and ever since have pioneered in Corona Discharge Treaters and Solid State Induction Cap Sealers in India. We hope that this website will provide you with all thee information you need regarding us and our products. We look forward to bring associated with you and your organization.

Our Products
Corona Treater Machine

Corona Treatment is a process of high speed oxidation which creates polar molecules on the film surface. The energy of the corona will break the bonds of the atomic structure of the substrate. The oxygen rich ozone developed by the corona discharge readily fills the open valancies which create a charge surface thus improving the surface characteristics. The Treated surface tends to go back to it's original dyne level after a certain period of time. This Decay of Treatment is exponential in nature and varies for different type of materials, it's additive content and other factors. Proper packaging reduces the rate of decay. Generally the effect of treatment remains for about a month.

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Induction Sealing Machine

Over the years, Induction Sealing has been of great importance to the packaging industry where containers need to be ensured of being leak-proof. Every other product packed in plastic containers such as pharmaceuticals, food, agrochemicals, lubricants, etc. are now being induction sealed. It is a fast and an easy way to ensure that your product is safe from contamination and duplication. Earlier conventional bore seals were used in order to seal containers but the doubt remains whether this kind of seal really protect the product that we use. Cases of spillage and contamination of the product led to finding an alternative and hence the induction seal concept popularized.

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