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Frequently Asked Questions

Fluxomatic® Corona Discharge Treater

What is Corona Treatment?

Corona (Latin, 'crown') is a type of plasma that surrounds the Sun and other celestial bodies, including the earth. The word "Corona" itself derived from the Latin, meaning crown, which in turn came from the Ancient Greek korōnē meaning "garland" or "wreath".

Coming back to Earth, we generate the same by applying High Voltage High Frequency between a Conducting Material and Earthed Dielectric Material. The Air in between the same gets ionized and Corona Discharge takes place.

During this Process, Atmospheric Oxygen is broken down to Nascent Oxygen and Ozone.

2O2 -> O + O3.

The film that enters into the corona treater unit is oxidized by the nascent Oxygen. This ‘Treated’ film is ready for use for applications such as printing, lamination or coating.

The machine that generates this is called a Surface Oxidizing Unit or more commonly known as a Corona Treater. It is an ancillary equipment installed on Blown Film Lines, Laminators, Printing Machines and Coating Machines.

For Plastic Non Conductive Films, we have an Electrode System and a Roller covered with Dielectric Material where the Film is passed thru the system and exposed to Corona Discharge.

What data is required for effective Corona Treatment?

In order to offer the Optimum Model, the manufacturer needs to have the following information

  1. Material
  2. Application – Printing, Lamination or Coating
  3. Max Width
  4. No of Sides
  5. Max Line Speed
  6. Min – Max Gauge

Using the data, the Power Requirement of Generator is determined. This purely also depends on Electrode Design and Contact Time.

Power = No of Sides x Width x Line Speed x Change in Dyne Level x A/1000

Power – Kwatts.

Width – mts.

Line Speed – mts/min

A – 1 – 5 ( Depending on Material to be Treated, Slip Additives and Temp of Film.

What is Corona Treater System?

The System consists of

  1. Generator.
  2. High Voltage Transformer
  3. Electrode Assembly
  4. Ozone Extraction System

There are 2 Basic Types of Corona Treaters broadly classified into

  1. Non Conductive Film
  2. Conductive Film

Non Conductive is further classified into

  1. Freshly Prepared
  2. Cold Film
  3. Woven Fabric

The Electrode Assembly is designed as per the Substrates, Max Width and Speed. The roller diameters and electrodes are then selected to suit the process. The power requirements also depend on the application and additives.

By considering all these points, the right model is selected as per the customer’s application. We focus more on the Electrode Design rather than Generator Power as we strive to give more treatment at less power.